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‘It smells ideological’: The ‘madness’ of Victoria’s refusal of ADF help

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Neil Mitchell has described Victoria’s decision to backflip on accepting assistance from the Australian Defence Force to manage our coronavirus spike as baffling and “sheer madness”.

“The ADF was ready to move in to our quarantine areas today and the plan was that they would move in,”  Neil Mitchell started his program this morning.

“Suddenly, Daniel Andrews changed his mind and said ‘No’.


“It smells ideological

“It smells like a battle going on behind the scene.

“To me, it smells like sheer madness.”

Neil Mitchell went on to play a snippet of audio from his interview with the Defence Minister, which he’s told caused consternation within Victoria Government.

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Police Association boss Wayne Gatt told Neil Mitchell his members would welcome the support.

He had no insight as to why the government backtracked.

“We’re as surprised as perhaps your listeners are,” he said.

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