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‘It sounds kinda like they’re running out of ideas’: The lacklustre new iPhone announced

The new iPhone 11 has three cameras.

That’s right, three!

Apple have announced three new iPhone models, each retailing at around $1200 each.

Futurist and technologist, Steve Sammartino, said the once innovative tech giant haven’t really changed much with their latest design.

“There’s nothing really to write home about, most of it sounded pretty simple,” said Mr Sammartino.

“I don’t know how many cameras you really need on your phone.

“They did launch slow motion selfies, dubbed ‘slowfies’.

“It sounds kinda like they’re running out of ideas.”

Last year for the first time since the iPhone was released, sales declined.

“The changes are so incremental these days that people are keeping the phones they have,” Mr Sammartino said.

“One interesting thing was, whenever you buy any Apple device you will receive 12 months free of their new Apple Plus TV service.

“It will be their new streaming service to compete with Netflix.”

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