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“It undermines any attempt to take AFLW seriously”: Neil Mitchell slams plan for superhero jumpers

A plan to see AFLW players forced to wear jumpers designed to promote a Marvel movie has been slammed as “absurd and ridiculous” by Neil Mitchell.

The Herald Sun reports clubs have been notified about plans to turn the 2019 Round 6 double-header at Marvel Stadium into a marketing blitz around the release of Captain Marvel, the company’s first feature film with a female superhero.

“This to me undermines any attempt to take AFLW seriously,” Neil said.

“If you’re going to build loyalty and passion around footy you need tradition.

“And you don’t get tradition by putting the players into gimmicky little jumpers designed to promote a damn movie!”

Dr Kate O’Halloran, former deputy sports editor of the Guardian and a former Victorian cricketer, told Neil she wasn’t a fan.

“I know Gillon McLachlan said it’s not a Mickey Mouse competition (in regards to the shortened AFLW season) and yet I think this runs the risk of turning it into a literal Mickey Mouse competition,” Dr O’Halloran said.

“It runs the risk of seeming like we’re dressing up women to make it more entertaining rather than taking the product seriously as a football competition.”

“Can you imagine Gill McLachlan going to Nathan Buckley and saying, I want the men to wear these gimmicky, movie promotional guernseys?” Neil asked.

“No I can’t. That’s the problem,” Dr O’Halloran replied.

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“It’s ridiculous, this just undermines any credibility it’s got,” Neil said.

“It’s absurd.”