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‘It will happen’: Victorian government considers NSW’s phone detection technology to fine drivers

A trial using technology to detect mobile use in cars in New South Wales has proven so effective, Neil Mitchell says it’s only a matter of time before the cameras are installed in Victoria.

“They’ve been trialing two cameras which detects mobile phones being used in cars, and in 25 days at only two sites, they would have booked 20,125 drivers,” Neil said.

“We’ve extrapolated the numbers to Victoria because the government has said they will look at this technology after the New South Wales trial, and I guarantee you it’s coming here.

“Let’s say we put in 10 of these cameras, that’s $711 million.

“Last year we collected $14 million in fines for driving with phones.

“It would require a small change to the law to book people, but it will happen.”

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Peter Khoury, spokesperson with the NRMA, told Neil this technology has now become necessary.

“We’ve got to help the police here, in order to fine someone you have to be physically standing next to the car or see them do it, and catch them in the act, the police have to pull them over and then there’s a whole discussion,” Mr Khoury said.

“And was too difficult a job, too resourcing.

“About one in 10 fatalities on the roads are now caused by people using their phones.

“It’s alarming, but not completely surprising.”

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