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‘It’s a blitz!’: Police swarm Victorian roads in early summer crackdown

Ross and John were inundated by calls this morning reporting a massive police presence on our roads.

Even Denis Walter called in to say he’d seen swarms of police on the Princes Freeway on his drive to work this morning, and he usually sees none!

Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said there are far more police on the roads than usual today.

“It’s a blitz,” he said.

“We’re a bit worried about how many people are losing their lives on our roads this year, so we thought we’d just put a few of our police out early before we start our summer RoadWise campaign.”

Police are targeting all kinds of road offences until midday today in a campaign to curb the road toll.

This year, 243 lives have been lost on Victorian roads, up from 195 last year.

“Over the next two weeks we’ll be out now and then just to get people’s attention,” Mr Leane said.

“We’re targeting everything and we’ve even got our heavy vehicle people out there so we’ll be having a look at trucks, we’ll be having a look at speed, and we want people to stay off their phones while they commute to work this morning.”

The summer road blitz begins on December 13.

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Image: Nigel Killeen