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‘It’s a blueprint for stalking and rape’: Concerning online forum lists locations to approach women ‘targets’

An online forum detailing Melbourne locations where women “targets” can be found, and providing tips for how they can be “picked up” is circulating.

The forum rates the quality of women at a number of locations around the city, including universities, supermarkets, libraries and cafes.

20-year-old Abbey told Neil Mitchell she was “really shocked” by the forum.

“I feel like a victim because I’ve been to these places,” she said.

“I get approached all the time in the city.”

Abbey said the language used in the forum was appalling.

“They kind of talk about it as a game or a business, saying there’s high turnovers and there’s a market for women aged this age at this location,” she said.

John told Neil Mitchell his 22-year-old daughter showed him the online discussion.

He said she told him “it’s a blueprint or manual for stalking and rape”.

One comment on the forum said if a woman comes to meet a man alone “then she knows what shes getting herself in for”.

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