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‘It’s a great trauma to the Silk and Miller families’: Sly on Jason Roberts’ latest bid for mercy

Sly of the Underworld has told 3AW Breakfast of the ongoing struggle suffered by the families of Gary Silk and Rod Miller, as the man convicted of their murders makes a fresh bid for mercy.

“It’s a great trauma to the Silk and Miller families, the Lorimer Taskforce,” Sly said.

“Is it extremely stressful for the police, two of which were at the scene, holding the hand of a dying colleague, have suffered profound PTSD, it is a major struggle.

“However the fact that somebody as detested as Roberts is given the full legal rights is a triumph.”

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The fresh petition to the Supreme Court comes about over conjecture as to whether Roberts was actually present at the crime scene.

“Respected former homicide investigator Ron Iddles has done a report and he’s adamant that Jason Roberts wasn’t there,” Sly said.

“There was only one witness who was there, and that was Rod Miller who was dying.

“He said, ‘Two offenders, one on foot’ and ‘I’m dying, I’m dying, get THEM’.

” (Bandali) Debs and Roberts were charged. Roberts chose to make a no comment record of interview.

“Debs said exact words, ‘No one was there but us’, repeatedly he referred to us.

“There are allegations that key statement by one of the first police there, Glenn Pullin had been doctored.

“And that in his first statement he did not refer to one than one offender.”