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‘You’d be amazed’: International crime syndicates operating crop houses in Melbourne’s rental properties

3AW Breakfast

Vietnamese crime syndicates are operating hugely profitable crop houses in Canada and Australia, Sly of the Underworld says.

Fresh from a recent trip to Canada, Sly told Grubby and Dee Dee on 3AW Breakfast Melbourne is known as being the “crop house headquarters” in Australia.

“There’s a really, really strong connection between Vietnamese Canadian crime gangs and Melbourne Vietnamese crime gangs, particularly in the cannabis space,” he said.

“Police are perplexed as to how this has happened.”

Sly predicts as many as 1000 properties being run as grow houses, cultivating 500,000 plants with a retail value of $8 billion.

He questioned if the illicit grow houses would take off, since the legalisation of cannabis in Canada.

“It’s a massive industry,” he said.

“You’d be amazed where they are.

“They are all around Melbourne’s rental properties.”

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3AW Breakfast