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‘It’s a state scandal’: Fines Victoria STILL hasn’t fixed its administrative problems

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Fines Victoria still hasn’t fixed its administrative problems, despite significant government spending to combat the issue and numerous promises to fix the problematic IT system.

Neil Mitchell slammed the government body for its failure to address the issues, which first came to light 16 months ago.

“It’s a state scandal.

“It’s cruel. It’s incompetent. It’s sloppy. It’s wasteful,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

This week, Michael had his licence suspended because a car that he sold in January 2018 has been running up fines.

He has amassed 25 fines for the vehicle, which he no longer owns.

He provided a statutory declaration and proof he was no longer in possession of the vehicle to Fines Victoria, but his licence was still suspended for three months last week.

“He’s a painter by trade, so he needs the licence to get the tools to work,” Michael’s wife, Crystal, said.

Another man, Justin, has received multiple threatening text messages from Fines Victoria for fines he doesn’t owe.

“I got my first one last Thursday, asking to pay a fine for Maribyrnong City Council for $224.30.

“The only response I got once they checked was ‘don’t worry about that. It’s not for you.’

“Yesterday, I got another one, for a different city council, Hobsons Bay, asking for a payment of the exact same figure.

“If I had have paid they would have had payment from a generous citizen who didn’t owe them a fine,” he said.

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