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‘It’s a very strange decision’: Changes could see Melbourne roads clogged even further

Neil Mitchell has questioned government approved changes which could see Melbourne’s roads clogged and potentially dangerous situations arise for cyclists.

A new plan for the ‘safe’ pickup of passengers would allow taxis, Ubers and any commercial passenger vehicles to drive in bicycle lanes, transit lanes and stop in loading zones, clearways and tram lanes.

“All of these people will be allowed to effectively ignore laws the rest of us follow and potentially clog up the roads,” Neil said.

“The Minister (Luke Donnellan) has gazetted the decision.

“It’s a very strange decision.”

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Dave Jones from the RACV told Neil they made a submission to government in opposition.

“We think there’ll be a real detrimental impact with this in that there could be many more cars stopping in clearways creating congestion but also safety concerns,” Mr Jones said.

“It’ll create issues for the rest of the community.

“There was a formal government process which enables companies to make submissions which we did, saying we don’t support most of these changes.”

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