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‘It’s almost unsustainable’: Victoria Police struggling to keep up with unprecedented amount of seized vehicles

There has been a huge increase in the amount of cars being impounded and crushed in Victoria according to figures exclusively obtained by 3AW Mornings.

Anti-hoon laws originally legislated in 2006, and then strengthened in 2011, have seen the number significantly increase in the past decade.

2,700 cars were crushed and 11,000 impounded in the last financial year.

It marks a massive turn around from 2009 when the police impounded 3,182 cars.

Nearly half of all vehicles seized were from people in their 20s including 597 from people under the age of 19.

Assistant Commissioner for Road Safety Stephen Leane told Neil Mitchell operations is very expensive despite being able to sell some vehicles.

“It’s not a cheap business we’re in, we are actually doing quite a bit of work in the background, it’s costing us a bit of money and we’re a victim of our own success,” he said.

“We’re over-filling our yard so we’ve got to try and work out how we can stream line it and recover even more costs.

It’s part of the law, we’re not going to say sorry, we’ll grab as many as we need to.”

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