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‘It’s disgusting!’: Cheltenham traders irate after parking is changed and they’re fined while at work

Cheltenham traders are furious after returning to their cars to find they’d been fined on Monday, despite no parking signs on display when they parked.

Trader Greg Wilson says he parked his car at 7am, and when he returned at 4.30pm new two hour limit parking signs had been erected and he’d been slapped with an $85 fine.

He says he’s not the only one who was unfairly fined.

The council put up the temporary signs outside Victoria Golf Club ahead of the President’s Cup tournament at neighbouring Royal Melbourne Golf Course.

“The sign went up at about 8.30am or 9am that morning, of course everyone had already parked there then,” Mr Wilson told 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

“They came back at 3pm and booked all the cars!

“It’s disgusting!”

Mr Wilson phoned Bayside City Council to complain about the fine.

“I phoned them basically straight away after that… she said, ‘oh look we’ve had a few issues with that’.”

The council told Mr Wilson the signs were put up on Saturday, but he says that isn’t the case.

3AW Drive has contacted Bayside City Council and is awaiting a response.

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