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‘It’s double-dipping!’: VicRoads slap customers with $18.50 fee just to make an appointment

A 3AW listener has found changing his car rego from South Australian to Victorian was not only time consuming – but VicRoads also slap on a near $20 fee just for making an appointment with them!

Trevor told Neil Mitchell he went in to VicRoads and made it to the counter – only to be told he needed to book in a formal appointment and come back later.

“I said, ‘Why can’t we do it now??'” Trevor said.

“I looked around and there was no one else in sight.

“Finally I said, ‘Ok I’ll come back’, then she said, ‘That’ll be $18.50!’

Trevor wrote to Vicroads to complain and received a letter in reply.

“I’ll read it out to you, ‘VicRoads has introduced fees to previously uncharged services as part of its measure to strengthen its financial position through reducing debt and restraining Government spending. The fee will also create a source of funds to allow VicRoads to invest in improving transaction services.’

“How can they get away with it?” He said.

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“I don’t understand, you already pay for it in your taxes, you’re paying for it twice,” Neil said.

“It’s double dipping!”