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‘It’s extraordinary’: Sly reacts as bikie overturns firearm ban

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“In the words of Justice John Mcanay, ‘you can not be serious’.”

That was the reaction by Sly Of The Underworld on 3AW Breakfast.

Former Rebels boss, Colin Websdale, has become the first person to overturn his Firearms Prohibition order in a unsettling VCAT outcome.

Sly labelled the order “extraordinary” and fears it could pave the way for other criminal members to succeed their appeals.

“This is clearly not what the legislation meant and clearly not what the community wants,” said Sly.

The laws introduced last year to tackle gun-related violence gave police the power to conduct warrantless searches of any person served with an order.

This extends to associates in that persons home, company and clubhouses.

“It would appear the reason the prohibition order was overturned because he is too powerful, too dangerous and too smart,” he said.

“The government has to double down here, if it’s not beaten on appeal, and increase this to say carry a fire arm, or facilitate others.”

“We are suggesting here that there is a level of criminality which is untouchable.”

Police have responded to the outcome and in statement said, “we are reviewing the decision and will further consider our position.”

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