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It’s far too early to talk about crowds at AFL games, says medical association

The head of the Australian Medical Association says it’s far too early to be talking about getting crowds, even small ones, back at AFL or NRL games.

It’s been speculated the AFL is hoping to get crowds back at stadiums late in the season.

But Dr Tony Bartone told Tom Elliott that was miles off from happening.

“I, like every other Victorian and sports-loving person in the country, wants to see the return of competitive sports and crowds,” Dr Tony Bartone said.

“That’s a given.

“But we’re only just starting the second quarter, you might say, in terms of trying to get back to some sense of the previous environment.

“We’ve got to get the sport back being played first and we’ve got to successfully negotiate that challenge, that first hurdle, before we start trying to pontificate about what numbers and when we can have crowds.

“Let’s take it one step at a time.”

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