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“It’s going to happen”: Rail Projects Victoria CEO’s confidence in latest transport plan

The Metro Tunnel Project isn’t the only transport plan set to transform Melbourne in the coming decades.

The Suburban Rail Loop is a series of 12 proposed underground stations situated outside the CBD which would transport passengers without the need to transfer through the city.

Rail Projects Victoria CEO Evan Tattersall said he was hopeful the “up and going project” would commence construction by 2022.

“It’s Melbourne’s equivalent to what they’re doing in Paris by putting a ring right around the city,” he told Ross and John.

“Our rail system is like spokes on a hub, all lines go into the city loop and you’ve got to go through the city to go out of it.

“It’s going to happen.”

Mr Tattersall said other rail projects like the much-anticipated train from the CBD to Melbourne Airport had to happen regardless of which political party is in power.

“The Airport link has been coming since 1965 and you’ve got Federal and State (Government) support,” he said.

“35 million go through Melbourne Airport today and they reckon in 20 years time they’ll be 70 million which is like Heathrow Airport (in London) today.

“This one is above politics.”

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