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“It’s going too far”: Neil Mitchell gives Matthew Guy a serve on his latest policy

Neil Mitchell has admitted he’s no fan of the Coalition’s latest proposed policy to be implemented if they win the state election.

Matthew Guy has said he’d sack any local councils that don’t celebrate Australia Day.

Neil said he thought much of the public would agree with Mr Guy.

“I think I’ll be lonely here, but I think it’s going too far,” Neil said.

“What I don’t like is a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.

“We are a democracy, these people are democratically elected.”

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“But I also think councils who don’t celebrate Australia Day are wrong,” he added.

Matthew Guy told Neil the debate surrounding Australia had become “ridiculously” out-of-hand.

“Yes we’ve got issues to deal with but it’s time for government institutions to stand up for our country,” he said.

“I will have the local government act amended to give the state government the discretion to remove those councils who are spending ratepayers money not on rates or fixing footpaths but wasting it on campaigns to talk down Australia Day.”