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‘It’s just madness’: Head-on collision survivor’s impassioned message to drivers

A man who was involved in a head-on accident, which resulted in two fatalities, has made an impassioned call for more responsible behaviour on our roads.

Darren Zmegac was driving home two weeks ago when he car was involved in a head-on crash with a ute in Mt Eliza.

Police say the driver of the speeding ute lost control and crossed to the wrong side of the road, where the vehicle collided with Darren’s car.

The two people in the ute died at the scene, and Darren was taken to hospital with chest injuries.

He told Neil Mitchell he remembers the accident in detail.

“I remember seeing the passenger as the car was about to hit me. I remember the windscreen smashing in front of me, the airbags going off.

“At that moment, just as we made impact, I thought that was it,” Darren said.

He had an urgent message for drivers.

“People need to be more responsible for their actions in a car,” he said.

“Everyone thinks they’re a race car driver.

“Only two hours before we were in the accident there was footage of these guys going around doing burnouts.

“It’s just madness.

Mr Zmegac said the accident has had a huge impact on him.

“The effect this has had on my life in losing my car, not knowing whether I’ve got a job to go back to, and the financial problems that go with that, is massive.

“It’s left me in a really bad place.”

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