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‘It’s loo-loo stuff’: Government pokes holes in Matthew Guy’s roads plan

The state government says Matthew Guy’s election-defining roads plan can’t be done for the price promised because it’s based on old costings.

Mr Guy has committed to completing the West Gate Tunnel and building both the East-West Link and a North-East Link.

In response, the government has today maintained the East-West Link is not required.

Neil Mitchell: “Infrastructure Victoria says we need [East-West Link]. They’re wrong?”
Mr Donnellan: “I don’t believe it’s a priority at the moment.”

And Roads Minister Luke Donnellan told Neil Mitchell the costings were “loo-loo stuff”.

“Well the tunnel is going to be doubled in length, they’ve indicated that,” Mr Donnellan said.

“It can’t work. You can’t double the length of the tunnel and do it for the same price the last time they looked at it three or four years ago.

“That’s just not believable, full stop.”

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