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‘It’s open slather’: TJ’s theory on the worst time for aggression on the road

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The prevalence of road rage incidents and aggression on Victoria’s roads is on the rise, experts say.

3AW Mornings host Tony Jones shared an incident on the weekend with an aggressive, fired up driver and questioned if tensions ran high on weekends in particular.

“The level of angst on the roads is a lot worse on weekends than it is during the week,” he said.

“On weekends, it’s open slather.

“Are weekend motorists far angrier and less tolerant?”

Australian Road Safety Foundation’s Russell White said road rage across the board had increased and they were pushing to change the conversation.

He said it should be viewed as “road violence” and “road bullying”.

“You’re probably right, when people are heading on roads they don’t normally maybe there are frustrations,” he said.

“No doubt we’re getting a lot less tolerant of other road users.

“I’ve personally seen a number of occasions where someone has been intimidated into making a move that was probably was at the wrong time that’s nearly ended up in a crash.”

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