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“It’s pointless”: Lilydale West Primary comes under fire by 3AW presenter for proposed name change

Lilydale West Primary School has come under fire for a proposed name change, which some members of the school community and alumni are not happy about.

Past student, 3AW Nightline host Simon Owens told Tom Elliott the school has had the name Lilydale West since it opened in 1973.

“The principal and the school council have come out and said that having a non-existent suburb as our name is causing difficulty around locating, identifying and marketing our school,” Simon said.

“So that’s our catalyst for change.

“They want to call it Victoria Road.

“Which I think there’s 30 or so (Victoria Roads) around Victoria.

“I just don’t see the need for an unnecessary change.

“It’s pointless.”

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3AW Drive has contacted Lilydale West Primary School for comment.

They have declined to speak with us or provide a statement.