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It’s R U OK? Day: Here’s who to ask + how to ask it

Asking a friend ‘R U OK?’ can make a difference, but it’s just the start of the conversation.

On this R U OK? Day, Ross and John went straight to the CEO of R U OK?, Katherine Newton, to find out who to ask and how to manage that conversation.

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This year the key message is ‘Trust The Signs’.

“What we’re asking is for people to to do is have their radar up for a couple of things,” Ms Newton told Ross and John this morning.

“Think about what they’re saying; they might be sounding confused or irrational, they might be saying there’s no hope or expressing that they’re lonely or a burden to others.

“If we think about what they might be doing, maybe they might be starting to withdraw, maybe they’re not enjoying the things they love.

“Trust your gut. If your gut is telling you something is not quite right, then trust that gut and reach out and genuinely ask that question.”


Ross asked where the to take the conversation given most people will initially insist they’re ‘fine’.

“A  good way of saying it is ‘This is what I’ve noticed, this is what I’ve seen in you, or this is what I know is happening for you’.

“You’re telling me you’re fine, I’m hearing you, but it’s not what I’m seeing.

“If you’re still going to tell me you’re fine then I just want you to know I’m here anytime and I’m going to keep asking you because I care about you.

“And if I was going through this you’d do exactly the same thing for me.”