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How Victoria’s police chief plans to combat the rising road toll

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Eight people died on regional Victorian roads in the last week alone.

The road toll is now up 50 per cent and sits at 131 compared to 83 at the same point last year.

Chief Commissioner of Victorian Police, Graham Ashton, says police are working tirelessly to maintain a presence on our rural roads.

“We’ve put about 30 extra police into rural highway patrol and prioritise it over other areas.,” says Mr Ashton.

When 3AW Mornings host Neil Mitchell quizzed the top cop on the current outdated Road Strategy Report (2012-2018), Mr Ashton confirmed the new report had been put to the side with focus turned to a “government approach”.

“Rather than having the emphasis on our own strategy, we looked at it as a road policing partnership with Vic Roads and TAC,” he said.

“Getting our strategy out by July is what we want to do as quickly as we can.”

Ashton agreed visibility was an issue for police, especially since the introduction of the two-up policy, and have been addressing this through recruitment.

The chief will be meeting the minister next week where he says they are keen to push for mobile point-to point cameras.

“We want the cameras so we can put them where the highway patrol intel is telling us where to put them,” says Ashton.

“With more focus around trauma and fatalities more than before.

“We’re hoping some good can come from these conversations.”

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