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“It’s terrible but not typical”: Tom Elliott defends the UFC

Tom Elliott has jumped to the defence of the UFC, after an ugly brawl over the weekend had some commentators calling for the sport to be banned.

Khabib Nurmagomedov ended Irish fighter Conor McGregor’s attempt to win back the UFC lightweight title when he sealed a submission victory with a choke hold in the fourth round yesterday.

The win prompted a mass brawl to break out in and around the cage, with Nurmagomedov scaled the perimeter fencing of the octagon and brawling with a member of McGregor’s team.

Both fighters were subsequently escorted from the arena by police and security.

“It was a terrible look for the UFC,” Tom said.

“Neil Mitchell on our morning show said we don’t need the UFC, it’s got no skill, we should get rid of it, because the people in it can’t control themselves.

“This of course, is absolute nonsense.

“The UFC is pretty much the most skillful form of martial arts that you can do, because you have to be good at everything.

“Secondly, just because one fighter couldn’t control himself, it’s like saying get rid of Andrew Gaff because he broke his opponent’s jaw.

“What happened yesterday was terrible but it’s not typical of the sport.”

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