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“It’s the ambiguity in the rules” – AFL umpires defend themselves

AFL umpire Shaun Ryan joined 3AW Footy to defend his colleagues after the booing controversy that marred the Anzac Day clash.

Shaun believes that the umpires have been unfairly singled out when the blame should be put on the rules and the communities misunderstanding of the rules.

“It’s the  ambiguity in the rules,”  Ryan said.

Shaun wanted to reiterate that the umpires want to turn the controversy into an opportunity to educate the public to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

“What you consider prior opportunity and what I consider prior opportunity may differ. But all 34 field umpires have to have the same interpretation.”

“If we can educate everyone so that we have the same interpretation, where we are all on a similar page, then we can assess decisions on that basis.”

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