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‘I’ve gone all red!’: Unexpected caller leaves Acting Lord Mayor blushing

An impromptu call from one of Victoria’s most prominent personalities has left the Acting Lord Mayor red-faced, in his final regular appearance in the studio with Neil Mitchell.

Councillor Arron Wood and Neil were surprised to receive a call from ‘Jeff’.

“I just wanted to say to him, thank you,” Jeff said.

“You have in your studio, a young man, who never took sides, never pushed on his own barrow, kept the council focused.

“He’s a rare specimen.”

Arron was a little lost for words at the flattery from the caller, former Premier Jeff Kennett.

“I’ve gone all red, Jeff!” He said.

“That’s pretty amazing, I’m not sure what to say, Neil.”

Jeff also encouraged Arron to keep pursuing a political career, “whether that be council or more serious forms of politics.”

NM: Future premier, ex-premier?

JK: Everything’s possible.

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Cr Wood also gave Neil his appraisal of the two Lord Mayoral front runners, Sally Capp and Jennifer Yang.

“Sally Capp has supported some of the policies I think are good but more importantly she’s run a positive campaign,” he said.

“To be absolutely upfront, if Jennifer Yang was successful, and we’ll work with whoever goes into the chair, but she would have a lot of repairing to do with colleagues because of the negativity of the campaign she’s run.

“There would be a lot of reconciliation required.”