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Jacana shooting: Shots fired in road rage near school

Details have emerged of another alarming shooting, this time in broad daylight near a school.

Neil Mitchell reported two drivers emerged from their cars with weapons after they crashed on Bliburg Street in Jacana yesterday afternoon.

One driver had a machete, the other driver had a gun.

It’s believed a shot was fired.

One person was taken to hospital with a graze to the head; it’s not clear if that was caused by the gunshot.

The incident happened about 3.30pm, one block from the Jacana School for Autism.

3AW Mornings listener Paul heard the shot while he was walking with his one-year-old grandaughter.

‘We heard a pop, I didn’t think much of it, but within the next 10 minutes I saw a procession of police cars,’ he explained.

‘I thought the President of the United States was on his way.

‘It’s ridiculous.

‘When are they going to get tough with these people?’

A man and woman have since been arrested amid allegations of a long-running dispute.

No charges have been laid.

NEIL MITCHELL: ‘Come on, we can’t accept this. We can’t get used to it just because it happens every day.’

It follows an alarming rise in gun violence in recent weeks.