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Jacinta Price reveals she has a 12-year-old family member who has just given birth

Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price has opened up about her own family during an interview with 3AW’s Justin Smith, which comes off the back of a debate between Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Yumi Stynes on Studio 10 last week.

Ms Price appeared on Macquarie Weekly to speak in defence of Kerri-Anne’s comments about high incidences of rape in indigenous communities.

“The cycle is continuing, and babies are having babies… there is a 12 year old in my family who just gave birth,” Ms Price revealed.

“What she [Kerri-Anne] said was basically the truth about what’s going on in remote parts of Australia,” Ms Price said.

“Until you’re actually experiencing it, or your family is in the thick of it… you can’t really fathom the extent of the problem that’s going on.”

Ms Price said that shutting down the debate about sexual abuse in Indigenous communities, and silencing people like Kerri-Anne Kennerley, is preventing progress from being made to combat the issue.

Press PLAY below to hear Justin Smith’s full interview with Jacinta Price in Macquarie Weekly.