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Jack Rush QC: Andrews and Marshall’s dangerous agenda to “emasculate the CFA”

One of Victoria’s former Supreme Court judges has not minced his words when discussing the government’s desired fire services reform as an election issue.

The legislation was voted down in controversial circumstances on Good Friday this year but campaigning has begun reminding Victorians the issue has not gone away.

A Supreme Court judge for several years, Jack Rush QC was Counsel assisting the Bushfires Royal Commission and is a passionate advocate for the volunteer service.

Neil Mitchell asked Mr Rush why the issue is still important in this month’s state election.

“What matters Neil, really is the effective response in this state to catastrophic bushfires,” Mr Rush said.

“What’s on the table, on the agenda of Mr Andrews and Mr Marshall is to emasculate the CFA and take away the ability of the CFA to respond in the manner it did on Black Saturday.

“Bottom line, is it dangerous?” Neil asked.

“It is dangerous,” Mr Rush replied.

“We are putting at risk what is a world renowned fire-fighting organisation for no apparent reason a part from some ideological agenda to, I’m happy to use the word, pander to Mr Marshall.”

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