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Jacqui Cooper responds to criticism after comments on the Chinese aerial skiers

Australian skiing champion and commentator Jacqui Cooper has defended comments she made during the women’s aerials competition that were called “racist”.

The former Olympian was criticised on Twitter for describing a jump from a Chinese skier as “very Chinese”.

Her comment “they all look the same, they’re very hard to tell who’s who” drew criticism on Twitter.

But she told Denis Walter it was clearly taken out of context and she was talking about the technique.

“I got off air last night from hosting and commentating the wonderful aerials and couldn’t believe what I walked into,” she said.

“I was clearly talking about their technique.

“The Chinese are proud of the fact they have technical similarities.

“The Australians have technical similarities – they all jump the same.

“I can see where the offence was taken, I promise you I spoke correctly and given my history in the sport anyone that knows me knows I wouldnt have been offensive.”

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