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Jake Stringer’s new ink catches Tom’s attention

Jake Stringer has revealed a new piece of body art.

The tattoo of a lion head on the Essendon player’s stomach attracted attention earlier this year.

At a team training session on Wednesday, he was snapped with an even bigger tattoo covering most of his chest.

Tom Elliott wanted to know the story behind the bold tattoo and what it means.

Jake Boyer, tattoo artist from addiktedtoink in Coburg, is responsible for part of Stringer’s torso tattoos.

“I’ve connected the lion up to a baroque filigree with the lion mane set with the owl,” he said.

“It’s just an animal theme were going for, the lion is the king of the jungle.

“Jake has that good personality….being the best of the best. He obviously loves animals, especially in the artwork form we’ve put it in.”

And apparently there’s more to come.

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Photo: AAP Image/Joe Castro