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Jane Caro explains THOSE post-election tweets

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Left-wing commentator Jane Caro has expressed regret over a foul-mouthed rant on social media over the election result.

She told Tom Elliott she was at her youngest daughter’s wedding when she began tweeting.

“I’d had a few wines,” she said.

“Note to self: never drink and tweet.”

Among a series of tweets, Caro said Australia was “f****d” and the people – whom she referred to as “truculent turds” – had voted to turn backwards.

She also wrote she wished she a New Zealander.

“I regret using those terms now, but at the time I just felt terrible,” Caro said.

“I was shattered.



“Often the response to that kind of awful feeling is to lash out and get angry.

“It’s not the right response, but it is a human response.”

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