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Jane Garrett reflects on tough year and doesn?t rule out Ministry return

Former Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett has not ruled out a return to the Ministry.

In 2016, Ms Garrett was bullied, attacked in the street, resigned from cabinet and diagnosed with cancer. The Member for Brunswick spoke with Neil Mitchell and reflected on her past year.

‘I’m not going to pretend last year wasn’t damn tough, it was really really tough’

‘You really have a complete re-think about your life, you reflect on things differently, you see the world differently…perspective, it’s a damn hard way to get it but when it hits you like that you have two choices, you can get under the doona or you can open your heart’

Ms Garrett said there is no reason why she wouldn’t return to cabinet.

‘Of course in the future, you’d think about it absolutely, at the moment my focus is coming back and being grateful for the things I have.’

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