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Janet Albrechtson says Yassmin Abdel-Magied incident symptomatic of ABC issues

A former ABC board member says the ABC needs to have its funding cut if it keeps employing ‘people like Yassmin (Abdel-Magied)’.

Janet Albrechtsen said Abdel-Magied should not be sacked for her offensive Anzac Day post.

But she said the incident was symptomatic of broader issues with the public broadcaster.

‘They’re not terribly interested in abiding by their charter to reflect a diversity of Australian views,’ she told Neil Mitchell.

‘Diversity, to the ABC, is getting on a young Muslim female to espouse left-wing views.

‘They never represent mainstream opinions. Time and time again they get people like Yassmin.’

The solution?

‘The only way to do anything is just cut their funds,’ she said.

‘They don’t deserve to gets $1 billion a year when they can’t abide by what is a very good charter.’