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Jeff Kennett on Cory Bernardi’s resignation from the Liberal Party


Former Victorian Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett has weighed in on the decision by Federal Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi to resign from the party today and form his own Australian Conservatives party.

‘He’s not within his moral rights… He’s a dog without balls… This man hasn’t got a spine’, he told Ross Greenwood.

‘If you’re not happy with something, you don’t just spit the dummy and walk out, you actually work hard to convince the majority of your colleagues that you’re right.’

Kennett criticised the Senator’s apparent act of bad faith in the most recent Federal election. ‘He’s gone and secured six years’ employment, knowing that he was probably going to walk away’.

‘I think he will drift into oblivion’.

Ross asked if Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership was weakened by a further splintering of the conservative vote. Kennett insisted he is not concerned by the developments. 

‘Headlines today, fish and chip wrapping tomorrow.’

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