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Jeff Kennett ridicules Cory Bernardi’s plan to break away from the Liberal Party

Jeff Kennett has ridiculed Cory Bernardi’s plan to break away from the Liberal Party.

Senator Bernardi plans to split from the Coalition to launch the new Australian Conservatives Party early next year.

But the former Victorian Premier told 3AW Drive Mr Bernardi isn’t up to it.

‘If he walked down Bourke street, no one would know him from a bar of soap,’ Mr Kennett said.

‘If he was worth half his salt, he would be a senior Minister by now.

‘If he’s just trying to ride this wave of Trump and Brexit, he’ll fall flat on his face.’

Mr Kennett said he doesn’t think the Liberal Party should move to the right just to win votes from One Nation supporters.

He said the Party should back its own policies.

‘Whoever is talking about it is making excuses for their own failures,’ he said.

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