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Jelena Dokic opens up about her father’s abuse, controversial defection from Australia

in studio with neil mitchell

Former tennis star Jelena Dokic says she would have never defected from representing Australia had it been her choice.

Speaking in studio with Neil Mitchell about her new book Unbreakable, Dokic opened up about her controversial decision to switch allegiance from Australia to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 2000.

She switched back in 2005.

“I explain that in the book exactly how it happened and that it wasn’t my decision and I never would have made it myself,” Dokic said on 3AW Mornings.

“I was put in a very difficult position by my dad at the time.

“That’s something that I never would have done myself.

“I did come back a few years later and as much as the fans embraced me, I always felt that thing was there that I switched and maybe left or betrayed Australia, which was never the case.

“I called Australia home literally from the first day we arrived.

“I always loved representing Australia.

“That’s the one thing I wish didn’t happen.

“As much as it wasn’t my decision at the time, I hope people now, more than ever, will understand that’s the case and something I wish I could go back and undo.”

Dokic addressed the abusive relationship she had with her notorious father Damir, as well as how hard it was to make friends on the professional tour.

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in studio with neil mitchell