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Jenny Mikakos rejects calls to stand down following more trouble at Youth Justice Centre

The Minister for Children has rejected calls for her to stand down following more trouble at the Parkville Youth Justice facility.

A former employee at the centre has since told 3AW the youths are out control.

It’s been reported the inmates held a pool party before rioting on Saturday night.

But Minister Jenny Mikakos has told 3AW the six youths involved had been playing sport before jumping in the pool for 15 minutes.

The government says it’s carrying out urgent fortification works following a string of riots.

Ms Mikakos told Tony Jones she was responsible for the system and remained committed to fixing it.

‘We are reviewing the whole youth justice system,’ she said.

‘The system has not been looked at for decades.

‘I’m giving it a very big shake up.’

A former staff member at the facility says unrest was not uncommon.

‘There’s no respect and no back-up for staff from management,’ Sam told Tony Jones.

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