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David the jeweller tells Neil Mitchell he’s living in fear

An anxious jeweller says he’s resigned to the fact his store will eventually become the target of violent thieves.

It follows a massive spike in jewellery store robberies across Melbourne.

David, who said he’d been in the business for 31 years, rang 3AW to vent his frustration.

“It’s like you’ve got a target on your head – when is it my turn?” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I used to love my job.

“Now I dread it.

“I don’t sleep at night.”

David said while he hadn’t armed himself, he knew of three other store owners who’d purchased a gun to protect themselves.

He said insurance premiums had also spiralled out of control.

“Nobody wants to insure you,” he explained.

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Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill said police were confident of cracking the problem.

And soon.

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