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Jim Molan to give Adam Bandt another chance after ‘weak’ apology

Liberal Senator Jim Molan says he will give Greens MP Adam Bandt another chance to offer a more “fulsome” apology before pursuing legal action.

Earlier this week, Greens leader Richard Di Natale accused Mr Molan of overseeing a “humanitarian catastrophe” nearly 15 years ago during the assault on Fallujah in 2004.

Later, Mr Bandt appeared on Sky yesterday and also commented about Molan’s actions during the Iraq war, labelling him a “coward.”

“When you share white supremacists videos and justify it by saying ‘I’m doing it to stimulate debate’, you’re a coward, you’re a complete coward,” Mr Bandt said.

“I tell you what if there was a proper inquiry into the war in Iraq in Australia … I think you’d find Jim Molan would probably be up for prosecution rather than praise.”

Mr Molan demanded an apology, and on Thursday afternoon Mr Bandt issued a very brief statement.

But Mr Molan was not impressed.

“I thought his apology was far too weak, and I was very disappointed,” Mr Molan told Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive.

He said that although he had an “extremely large chance of being successful” in a law suit against Mr Bandt, he had had a phone call with the Greens firebrand 10 minutes prior to the 3AW interview to offer Mr Bandt the opportunity to put together a more heartfelt apology that “admitted his error”.

It’s believed Mr Bandt agreed to meet.

TOM ELLIOTT: It seems to me the only reason he’ll give you a more fulsome apology is to avoid a law suit hanging over his head.

Mr Molan also suggested Mr Bandt offer a “significant contribution” to an appropriate charity for veterans.

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