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Job seekers are too ‘snobby’ and Aussie businesses are feeling the pinch

Job seekers are actively snubbing work opportunities with thousands of Australians businesses saying they are struggling to recruit new staff.

CEO of the Council of Small Businesses Organisations Australia, Peter Strong, says a lack of training and a negative outlook towards work are to blame.

“It’s getting more and more difficult to find the right person, they don’t have the skills or the attitude that we need,” said Mr Strong.

“It goes right across the economy, it’s not just one industry.”

Around 60 per cent of employers recruiting for lower skilled positions are struggling to find new workers, with recruitment difficulty being recorded across all states and territories.

Strong says weekend hours and employment requirements are two big barriers for potential employees.

“We need to have a more strategic approach,” said Mr Strong.

“At the local level, we need employment services, training providers and counselors to work together and get people into jobs to resolve the issue.

“Getting people to work on the weekends can be quite difficult, especially if they work during the week as it pushes them into a much higher tax bracket.

“People just need to be given the correct training.”

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