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John Silvester’s five-point plan to stop Melbourne’s gun problem

Sly of the Underworld has come up with a five-point plan to combat Melbourne’s growing gun problem.

Victoria has seen a sharp spike in shootings of late, with Sly suggesting a few changes to the law.

He said something needed to be done.

‘We have to deal with this and deal with it now,’ he said on 3AW Breakfast.

Sly’s five-point plan to tackle Melbourne’s gun problem…

  1. A firearms trafficking unit.
  2. Legislate to make shooting into a building an offence, a law which has been a success in NSW.
  3. A prohibition order, making it an offence for certain people to be near firearms, even if they don’t own the gun.
  4. Courts must assume any person carrying a firearm will use the firearm.
  5. Courts must support new legislation.

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