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Josh Frydenberg fires back at ‘virtue-signalling’ Labor

Federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg has hit back at claims from Bill Shorten the government is a running a “malicious campaign against climate change”.

It comes on the back of what Mr Frydenberg described as an “embarrassing” week for the opposition leader and his handling of questions about the cost of Labor’s climate change policy.

“It’s embarrassing for Bill Shorten that one, he’s avoiding the hard interviews and secondly, that he can’t explain the cost of his own policy,” Mr Frydenberg said on 3AW Drive.

“He’s had six years to prepare for this moment, yet we don’t have any detail as to the true cost on the economy of Labor’s 45 per cent (emissions) target.

“This is all virtue-signalling for the Labor Party.

“They’ve always been stuck between their green thumb and their blue collar and they’re selling out the blue collar workers across Australia in order to win votes in inner-city seats.”

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