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Journo tells Ross and John about the ‘important’ story that can’t be told

It’s the story that can’t be told.

The front page of the Herald Sun today teased a “top secret” court case to appear before the High Court that could potentially trigger a Royal Commission

But, because of strict suppression orders, there are very few other details.

And that got Ross and John very intrigued.

So they went straight to the journalist who had the job of writing the un-writable.

“What’s going on is intriguing and we’re flagging a development on an issue that’s important, and it’s a real public interest issue,” a very cautious Anthony Dowsley told the boys.

“The Herald Sun has been watching this issue for several years and we know what the issues are behind it, and we know that they’re important.

“We know the Andrews Government is watching it intently and preparing to act.

“It could result in the government establishing an independent inquiry such as a Royal Commission.”

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