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Julie Bishop and Michaelia Cash ‘have a lot to answer for’

Neil Mitchell says two of the “most powerful women in the country” have a lot to answer for.

The 3AW Mornings host has called Liberal ministers Julie Bishop and Michaelia Cash into question.

He started with Senator Cash’s “meltdown” on Wednesday, where she threatened to name women in Bill Shorten’s office and repeat rumours about them.

“She was petulant and nasty,” Neil Mitchell said.

“She crossed every line the Prime Minister says shouldn’t be crossed.

“It was sexist.

“It was offensive

“It was suggestive.

“It was unfair.”

He said Ms Cash had cracked under pressure.

He then questioned whether it was fair Julie Bishop could claim $32,000 for her partner to travel with her, however, not disclose his financial interests.

“Now, that’s within the rules – fine,” Neil Mitchell said.

“But she won’t tell us what his financial interests are, to put on the register, because she says he is not her spouse – they don’t live together.

“Again, that’s their business and it’s within the rules.

“But think about this.

“He’s not her spouse, so she doesn’t have to tell us what deals he’s doing around the world.

“But he’s enough of her ‘spouse’ that we pay for all his travel.

“Really? Is that fair?

“And these people wonder why we don’t trust them.”

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