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Julie Bishop’s ‘gotcha moment’ with Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings

Julie Bishop has been caught out by a self-described ‘gotcha moment’ when asked about the government’s superannuation policy on 3AW.

It’s the second time a senior government minister has struggled with the Coalition’s Transition To Retirement scheme while being interviewed by Neil Mitchell.

It follows his frustrating exchange with Josh Frydenberg about the same policy earlier this month.


Neil Mitchell: ‘Are you aware of the transition to retirement scheme?’

Julie Bishop: ‘I’m certainly aware that we have one, yes.’

Neil Mitchell: ‘How does it work?’

Julie Bishop: ‘Well, Neil, this is obviously a ‘gotcha’ moment. It’s not my portfolio.’

Neil Mitchell: ‘This is the point. Neither you or Josh Frydenberg understand Transition To Retirement and this is where you’re hitting average people, not the fat cats, the average people.’

Julie Bishop: ‘I don’t accept that’s the case.’

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Ms Bishop also said she thought the Coalition was unbeatable at the upcoming election.

Despite recent polls suggesting Malcolm Turnbull is in trouble, the foreign minister said she didn’t think the Coalition could lose government.

‘No, I don’t,’ she said on 3AW Mornings.

‘I’m not being overly confident, of course it is hard work.

‘But the feedback I’m getting across the country is that people want us to succeed and they want to hear about our economic plan for the future and they believe we are the best option.’

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