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July ends with Melbourne’s coldest morning of the year

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July has finished with a vengeance, producing the coldest morning of year in Melbourne.

The official Melbourne temperature dropped to 3.2°, with a ‘feels like’ temperature of 0.8° at 6am.

Temperatures have dropped below zero a Cerberus and Coldstream on Melbourne’s fringes.

Michael Effron from the weather bureau says clear skies and light winds overnight caused the chilly conditions.

“We’ve seen a fair bit of fog in the Yarra Valley … but not so much in the west, where cloud cover has ensured a fairly mild morning in Geelong (minimum of 7.3°).”

August is expected to start in a cool but mostly dry fashion.

Today: 13°
Tomorrow: 14°
Friday: 14°
Saturday: 14°
Sunday: 15°

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