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Jumper punches on notice

Players have been put on notice following a spate of jumper punches this season.

The most recent being Richmond captain Trent Cotchin, who escaped with a fine following contact made to the jaw of Fremantle’s Lachie Neale.

The action was considered careless rather than intentional.

AFL Football Operations Manager Simon Lethlean told Sportsday the match review panel haven’t made those harsh calls.

“They had given those line ball decisions like Cotchin and Cunnington the benefit of the doubt because they had given similar benefit of the doubts across the year,” Simon said.

“It was my role to put players on notice so that there won’t seem to be a scapegoat when the next incident arises.”

Simon has condemned the rise of the jumper punches that have come back into football.

“I don’t like the pattern that has been ongoing for jumper punching, and players now know do it at your own risk.”

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