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“Just disgraceful”: Scammers set up fake Jarrod Lyle fundraising pages

Opportunistic scammers have set up fake fundraising pages, exploiting the death of Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle.

Wife Briony was forced to take to Instagram to warn people to be wary of the scam.

“Yet another Insta account has appeared to take advantage of Jarrod’s death. If you have been contacted by jarrodchallenge I apologise for the nuisance. Please DO NOT give them any personal details or believe their claims,” she wrote online.

Neil Mitchell slammed the act as “obscene”.

“This is ugly, in fact I think it is obscene,” he said.

“Using his name to set up accounts to effectively steal money from the grieving family.

“Seriously how cruel to exploit a man’s death.

“It is just disgraceful.”

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Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission’s Doctor Garry Johns told Neil Mitchell the scammers will be prosecuted if caught but people considering donating to any cause should be wary.

“These are bad people,” he said.

“You are taking someone else’s money.

“If you’ve got these opportunistic scammers on Facebook or Instagram, always check it’s a legitimate or registered charity and go to the charity’s website.”