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‘Just don’t be a d**k’: Fiona Patten says a blanket ban on Nazi flags is unnecessary

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A Victorian couple have flown a flag featuring a swastika and other Nazi-related symbols over their home in Beulah, in Victoria’s north-west, prompting renewed calls to ban the public display of the symbol.

Neighbours have complained to police, and the state government has condemned the display of the flag, but there is currently no legislation in place which bans Victorians from displaying the swastika.

Reason Party leader Fiona Patten last year began a move for the state government to amend vilification laws to extend beyond racial and religious discrimination and include vilification on the grounds of sexuality, gender and disability.

But Ms Patten says there shouldn’t be a blanket ban on the display of the swastika and other Nazi-related symbols.

“I don’t think it should be banned,” she told 3AW’s Heidi Murphy.

“I think we should discuss and we should review how it’s used from time to time.

“It’s fairly simple: just don’t be a d–k.

“It is about intent and it’s also about the effect of that action.”

The Reason Party leader said erasing difficult elements of history is problematic.

“We don’t want to forget the past because we’ll end up repeating it, but again it’s about intent,” she said.

“It is ultimately very difficult to say certain images are illegal.”

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